8th Movement
The Hard Road

Music ©2007 David Gómez Sanz (Segovia, Spain).
Lyrics and vocals by Richard Schletty (Minnesota, U.S.A)


When I was a boy
I read a book by John Cross
Let's Take the Hard Road
Well I didn't understand
all the words he wrote
but the pictures drew me in
No, I didn't take the path
of a fighter or a saint

I was too dumb to go
too glum to grow
too young to know
how to love my God
how to cut the fraud
how to lift my Lord to a higher plane
how to give myself so he'll feel no pain

But the hours slipped by
and the well ran dry
Now there's a heavy haze
and my eyes are glazed
There's nothing I can hear
Your silence is what I fear

I wanna love my God
Wanna cut the fraud
Wanna lift my Lord to a higher plane
Wanna give myself so he'll feel no pain

Now I'm floatin' on air, floatin' on air
My feet have left the earth
I'm lifted up
sanctified in His blood

He takes me, though I am broken
Helps me find a way
through the dark night.
Gives my soul protection
Quenches my thirst
at this pool of reflection
where a feeling grows.

A feeling of purpose
A feeling of joy
A feeling that this road
isn't hard anymore

Strange sensation
passing by heaven's gate
Is this ecstasy
or a constriction in the artery?

Heaven! In my soul and spine
Heaven! Where I wanna dine
Here is my esse, my being, my fizz
To be in the body of that which is

Dancing with unconditional love
Floating on white clouds way up above
Feelings that never felt so good
So tenderly, so tenderly, so tenderly

I now accept you without fear
My death to self has brought you here